Contact Information

My preferred contact method is via e-mail. Solve the puzzle below to get my email address. I will strive to reply within 48 hours of receiving your e-mail.

  1. My first part is the first three letters of the word ``makeup''.

  2. I am then followed by a punctuation dot.

  3. My next is the fourth to sixth letters of the word ``communicate''.

  4. I am followed by yet another punctuation dot.

  5. My third is the word ``they'' with the last two letters swapped.

  6. The next part of me is the first non-alphanumeric symbol of ``''.

  7. My last parts are simply ``''.

If solved correctly, the resultant e-mail address is 22 characters long.

If you know me through social media (oh how I dislike that term!), you may contact me via the messaging platform on that. There is no guarantee of a timely reply there though.