I, like many in my generation, grew up when the Internet first came about. I believe in the free nature of the Internet, but it is always a good idea to set down some disclaimers to protect my self-interest and reputation. In this article, all references to ``this domain'' refer to all documents whose final URL contains the prefix thelaptop.info.

The principle behind the disclaimers may be summarised as thus:

All work in this domain is freely available but not public domain unless otherwise stated. Common sense prevails and greed is not welcomed---give credit where credit is due. Commercial use of anything here is possible; contact me and we can work things out. If the intended use of what I have created can end up giving me a bad name for some reason, please do not do that, or I will be forced to take action to protect my good name.

With that, the details.


All views expressed in this domain are mine and mine alone, unless otherwise attributed. None of my views are reflective of any organisation I was, am, or will be affiliated with. Said views are only consistent at the time of publication, and are subjected to changes as and when I am aware that new information is available. If there are factual errors, please contact me; I will take heed and fix these as soon as I can. The stubborn holding of a view in spite of mounting evidence over time indicating its error is not an enduring goal for this domain. If my views do not agree with yours, that is my right---you will have to take your argument elsewhere.

I do not disclaim any legitimate copyright over the words that I have written in this domain unless otherwise stated. Fair use of my words is allowed subjected to your local jurisdiction, I merely request that the quoted words are in context with no misrepresentation whatsoever. I would like to be consulted when my words are quoted to ensure that they were not taken out of context. I reserve the right to take action against those who have misused/misrepresented my words or have not properly attributed my work, up to and including legal action.

Source Code and Data Files

All program source codes in this domain are freely available and come with no warranty nor guarantees from me. You may download, compile, and/or execute these programs in any way you deem fit. I do not guarantee that these code are bug-free---if you have discovered any bugs, I will be delighted if you contact me with details on the bug, or even with a fix/patch if you are able to. Your contribution will be duly acknowledged in this domain.

Data files are released under the same principles of the program source files. However, for purposes of ``this domain'' interpretations, they are still considered to be a part of ``this domain'' even though their final URL may be elsewhere due to the use of a different host more suited for large files.

I do not disclaim any legitimate copyright over my program source code and related data files that I have created unless otherwise stated. You have the freedom to use my source code and data files if you find them useful, but you are obliged to acknowledge that you have used some of my source code/data file within your work. Commercial use of any of my program source codes/data files may be permitted on a case-by-case basis; contact me for discussion/negotiation. I reserve the right to disallow the use of my program source codes/data files in your work if I find the said work detrimental to my good reputation. I also reserve the right to take additional action should the situation escalate.


All digital music files in this domain are freely available (but not in public domain) unless otherwise stated. Digital music files include FLAC, WAV and MP3 formats. These pieces are guaranteed to be free of DRM. You may resample or remix any of these digital music subjected to fair use as defined in the jurisdiction most applicable to you. I will appreciate it if you contact me to let me know that you are using such works. While I encourage redistribution, I still assert that proper attribution of the creator be acknowledged.

All music compositions will have their specific licences listed both on the composition itself and in the table of compositions. There is no carte blanche rule of copyright and licensing on any of them.

I do not disclaim any legitimate copyright over the music and composition I create, and will take any necessary action to ensure that my rights are not violated, up to and including legal action. Commercial use of digital music is allowed up to the extent of fair use, while that of compositions is dependent on the associated licences.

While every effort is made that external links provided are relevant to what I am trying to expound on, I have no control over how these external links are managed. Usually the external links provided are Safe For Work and somewhat relevant, at least at the time that they were posted. If these links turn ``bad'' and become Not Safe For Work, I will be really thankful if you contact me to let me know of it, so that I can take that link down.

It is never my intention to give adult-themed overtones to this domain.