The_Laptop's Domain

Hello, I am Mun Thye, also known as ``The_Laptop''. This website is my personal information portal, as well as a hosting site for useful interactive tools that I write. Information is relatively static---for more up-to-date news, check out my blog instead.

My name is pronounced as [mɐn tʰaːɪ] using International Phonetic Alphabet. I know it sounds weird, but it is a transliteration of a non-English name. There are tones involved, but for all purposes those are unnecessary.

I am also known by Mun-Thye, a form I have taken up when people got confused whether my name was ``Mun'' or ``Thye''.

Some pages you may be interested in are:

This is the second major re-write/re-design of my website. It uses HTML5 and JavaScript in a limited way to enhance the viewing experience. Some of the pages are little tools on their own---they will have a greater interactivity than expected.

Sources are maintained using Vim, but are minified with a customised Python script using csscompressor and calmjs.parse.

The hosting is done by

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