Music Projects

Music! Here I store my various music projects. This page serves as an introduction to my musical skills, while I have a separate one for dizi (笛子) materials, and yet another one for compositions. Eventually if I have even more digital music, it will have a page on its own, but for now, it'll just be hosted on this page.


I started on music quite young. My first instrument was the melodica at 6, but it was for a one-off kindergarten graduation performance. Since then, I have played various instruments over the years, primarily as the woodwind champion at the Teck Ghee Community Club Chinese Orchestra (德义民众俱乐部华乐团). I have also jammed with the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Kiltie Band, as well as the Flute Choir of CMU.

My proficiencies are provided in the table below, in rough descending order of familiarity.

Mun Thye's Musical Instrument Proficiencies
dizi (笛子, specifically 小笛、梆笛、曲笛、大笛)Lead/Solo1992
xiao (箫, specifically 洞箫)Lead/Solo1999
Mountain OcarinaSolo2007
Concert FluteLead (华乐); 2nd Flute (CB, FC)2008
PiccoloLead (华乐); Amateur2011
Bass FluteCello-cover (华乐); Amateur2016
bawu (巴乌)Amateur2017
Soprano SaxophoneAmateur2006
Alto SaxophoneAmateur2008
Soprano ClarinetAmateur2009
Pocket SaxophoneAmateur2009
Tenor SaxophoneAmateur2019

A side on terms used in familiarity: ``amateur'' means I know the basics of the instrument and can play tunes on it, but have never played in an official performance (one-off or consistently). Some instruments have more than one level of familiarity---they represent the manner in which I have been playing them against the expected use case. So for Concert Flute, we find that I have played lead with it in the Chinese Orchestra (华乐) context, but was Second Flute in Concert Band (CB) and Flute Choir (FC).

Such qualitative statements are necessary because I have not and will not take any examinations to obtain a grade for my level of instrument playing. Making music is my hobby---I play these instruments for fun.


No one has really asked me what I play yet, but I think it is cool to share the gear that I currently own and use. Inactive/decommissioned/loaned out instruments are struck through; if the instrument has been let go, it will be removed altogether. Apart from my primary instruments of dizi and flute, everything else is just some low-end student model.

Mun Thye's Instruments
InstrumentNicknameMake and/or DescriptionOwned
C FifeAulos Fife C-212019
Concert FluteAureliaMuramatsu 9KRHEC# Heavy (B-foot)2019
Tenor SaxophoneYamaha YTS-622019
C OcarinaEDCCODA EDC, Polycarbonate, 2 octaves, key of C2019
Concert FluteMTGUO Tocco (Milk Tea, C-foot)2019
Bass RecorderAulos A533B Bass Recorder (in F3)2018
C 大笛倍大 CBao Yanan (鲍亚男) 8-hole dizi (苦竹)2018
D 小笛小 DBao Yanan (鲍亚男) 6-hole dizi (苦竹), A4462018
QuenaBamboo quena in G by Sisay2018
C 小笛小 CBao Yanan (鲍亚男) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2018
B 梆笛小 BBao Yanan (鲍亚男) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2018
F♯ 梆笛小升 FBao Yanan (鲍亚男) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2018
Baroque FluteAULOS Stanesby Jr. (AF-3), A4152018
G FluteGUO Grenaditte G Treble Flute2018
G♯ 梆笛小升 GZhou Sijin (周思进) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2018
B 梆笛小 BZhou Sijin (周思进) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2018
E 大笛大 EBao Yanan (鲍亚男) 8-hole dizi (劲竹)2017
E♭ 笛子降 EBao Yanan (鲍亚男) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2017
B♭ 梆笛小降 BBao Yanan (鲍亚男) 6-hole dizi (紫竹)2017
大C+F+小C 排笛CFC 排笛Zhang Wei (张玮) 3×6-hole dizi (苦竹)2017
F 大笛大 FBao Yanan (鲍亚男) & Ng Teck Seng (黄德成) 7-hole dizi (苦竹)2017
A 大笛大 ABao Yanan (鲍亚男) & Ng Teck Seng (黄德成) 6-hole dizi (紫竹)2017
B 曲笛正 BZhou Sijin (周思进) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2017
PiccoloS.O.S.Armstrong 2042017
F 加键巴乌森雀牌六键巴乌 (ABS)2017
Tenor RecorderYamaha YRT-304BII (in C4)2017
大D/G 双管巴乌云南思语牌 (紫竹)2017
F/B♭ 双管巴乌流水之音牌 (红木)2017
F 大笛大 FLu Yang (陆扬) 7-hole dizi (苦竹)2017
A 大笛大 AGan Jianming (戈建明) 6-hole dizi (红木)2017
B♭ 大笛大降 BBao Yanan (鲍亚男) & Ng Teck Seng (黄德成) 6-hole dizi (紫竹)2017
E♭ 笛子降 EZhou Sijin (周思进) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2016
C♯ 曲笛升 CZhou Sijin (周思进) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2016
D 大笛倍大 DNg Teck Seng (黄德成) 8-hole dizi (紫竹)2016
G 南箫Ng Teck Seng (黄德成) 8-hole Cantonese-style nanxiao (毛金竹)2016
D 小笛小 DHuang Weidong (黄卫东) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2016
C 小笛小 CHuang Weidong (黄卫东) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2016
D 曲笛大 DNg Teck Seng (黄德成) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2016
D 曲笛十孔 DHuang Weidong (黄卫东) 10-hole dizi (苦竹)2016
Soprano RecorderYamaha YRS-302BIII (in C5)2016
Garklein RecorderAulos A501S Garklein (in C6)2016
Bass FluteMioGUO Grenaditte Tenor Flute2016
G 口笛Dong Shenghua (董生华)2015
D 口笛Dong Shenghua (董生华)2015
B♭ Band FluteOne-key Band Flute (``D♯'') made for Boosey & Hawkes London2015
G 梆笛小 GNg Teck Seng (黄德成) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2015
G 大笛大 GNg Teck Seng (黄德成) 7-hole dizi (苦竹)2015
PiccoloPiccGUO Grenaditte Piccolo2015
Acoustic GuitarMelody (?)2012
Sopranino RecorderYamaha YRN-302BII (in F5)2012
C FifeYamaha YRF-212012
Alto RecorderYamaha YRA-28BIII (in F4)2012
F 梆笛FNg Teck Seng (黄德成) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2010
C 曲笛大 CNg Teck Seng (黄德成) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2010
G 洞箫Ng Teck Seng (黄德成) 8-hole xiao (紫竹)2010
Concert FluteAzumiAltus-Azumi AZ3000REOB (B-foot)2010
PiccoloPrelude PC711 by Conn-Selmer2010
A 梆笛小 ANg Teck Seng (黄德成) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2009
E 笛子ENg Teck Seng (黄德成) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2009
Pocket SaxophoneXaphoon Pocket Sax (Key of C)2008
Alto SaxophoneHisonic Signature Music Alto Saxophone 2710N2008
Concert FluteHisonic Signature Music Low B Flute 2821S2008
Soprano ClarinetSop ClaireHisonic Signature Music B♭ Concert Clarinet 2610DF22008
G OcarinaMountain Ocarina, Polycarbonate, Key of G2007
C OcarinaMountain Ocarina, Polycarbonate, Key of C2007
Concert FluteHisonic Signature Music Low C Flute 2820S2007
Chromatic HarmonicaGolden Cup Chromatic Harmonica2005
Soprano SaxophoneSop Sax?2005
G 管子中国吴氏管乐2005
G 梆笛小 GNg Teck Seng (黄德成) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)1996
D 曲笛DNg Teck Seng (黄德成) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)1996
Soprano RecorderMikatone C-Soprano Model 200 (in C5)1994

My sifu has other instruments that I have loaned on a permanent basis; these aren't included in the table above. Among them include:

Since they are my sifu's, their origin is a little more obscured.

In my shopping list, I talked about buying a professional-level concert flute. I have decided to keep a write-up of my quest towards the perfect flute for me. Check out what I have found out over here.

Digital Music

I used to think that I would spend time creating digital music, either original or from sampling/remixing. It turns out that I did not really have that kind of interest. So this section is currently quite sad and have only one piece of work hosted on Dropbox to avoid bandwidth issues.

  1. Frogs in the Cave, the final composition for the Introduction to Computer Music class that I took in Spring 2009.

These days, as I am slowly evolving my role from performer to that of composer, I am focusing on composition instead.

Nyquist Tuning Layer

Back in Spring 2009, I took a fun class (Introduction to Computer Music). For my final project, I wrote a tuning layer that sits between the user program and the underlying Nyquist system.

Check out the help file over in the legacy section of this website re-write/re-design and download the code from there.