Music Instruments

No one has really asked me what I play yet, but I think it is cool to share the gear that I currently own and use. Inactive/decommissioned/loaned out instruments are struck through; if the instrument has been let go, it will be removed altogether.

Mun Thye's Instruments

Mass (g)NicknameMake and/or DescriptionOwned
Alto Flute733.1±0.4ElianaForest LKFL-268SE by 龙口金鸣乐器有限公司, Straight and Curved Headjoints, Silver-plated cupronickel, C-foot2021
Tenor Saxophone103×(3.4±0.1)Tenor SaxWongful Tenor Saxophone T-901GL, brass alloy2020
B 曲笛199.9±0.1正 BBao Yingying (鲍颖颖) & Bao Yanan (鲍亚男) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2020
C♯ 曲笛169.0±0.1升 CBao Yingying (鲍颖颖) & Bao Yanan (鲍亚男) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2020
TooT95.2±0.1NUVO TooT2019
Bass Flute1886±1DavieForest LKFL-2783SEB by 龙口金鸣乐器有限公司, Vertical, Silver-plated cupronickel, B-foot2019
Shakuhachi382.0±0.5Jonathan Kypros 1.8 shaku Bell Shakuhachi, plastic2019
E♭大笛331.0±0.5大降 EBao Yingying (鲍颖颖) & Bao Yanan (鲍亚男) 8-hole dizi (劲竹), A4442019
Alto Saxophone2431±1Alto SaxWongful Alto Saxophone A-901GL, brass alloy2019
Soprano Saxophone1360.2±0.4Sop SaxWongful Soprano Saxophone S-850GL, brass alloy2019
F 洞箫159.8±0.1Unknown Maker 8-hole xiao with carving ``国乐飘香'' (紫竹)2019
Baroque Flute277.0±0.1新笛AULOS Grenser (AF-1), A4402019
F 陶埙402.0±0.5F 埙Miao Zhigong (苗治功) 8-hole xun, ceramic2019
D 小笛19.0±0.1小 DBao Yingying (鲍颖颖) & Bao Yanan (鲍亚男) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2019
大C+F+小C 排笛271.3±0.1CFC 排笛Bao Yingying (鲍颖颖) & Bao Yanan (鲍亚男) 3×6-hole dizi (苦竹)2019
C Fife81.6±0.1AULOS Fife C-21, ABS resin2019
Concert Flute508.0±0.5AureliaMuramatsu 9KRHEC# Heavy (B-foot)2019
Tenor Saxophone103×(3.5±0.1)Yamaha YTS-622019
C Ocarina75.4±0.1EDCCODA EDC, 2 octaves, key of C, polycarbonate2019
Concert Flute234.5±0.1MTGUO Tocco (Milk Tea, C-foot)2019
Bass Recorder1125.0±0.5AULOS A533B Bass Recorder (in F3), ABS resin2018
C 大笛650.5±0.5倍大 CBao Yanan (鲍亚男) 8-hole dizi (苦竹)2018
D 小笛19.4±0.1小 DBao Yanan (鲍亚男) 6-hole dizi (苦竹), A4462018
Quena81.7±0.1Bamboo quena in G by Sisay2018
C 小笛26.0±0.1小 CBao Yanan (鲍亚男) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2018
B 梆笛51.3±0.1小 BBao Yanan (鲍亚男) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2018
F♯ 梆笛101.7±0.1小升 FBao Yanan (鲍亚男) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2018
Baroque Flute350.0±0.5TraversoAULOS Stanesby Jr. (AF-3), ABS resin, A4152018
G Flute195.9±0.1GUO Grenaditte G Treble Flute2018
G♯ 梆笛69.3±0.1小升 GZhou Sijin (周思进) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2018
B 梆笛53.4±0.1小 BZhou Sijin (周思进) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2018
E 大笛462.0±0.5大 EBao Yanan (鲍亚男) 8-hole dizi (劲竹)2017
E♭ 笛子132.1±0.1降 EBao Yanan (鲍亚男) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2017
B♭ 梆笛85.7±0.1小降 BBao Yanan (鲍亚男) 6-hole dizi (紫竹)2017
大C+F+小C 排笛341.0±0.5CFC 排笛Zhang Wei (张玮) 3×6-hole dizi (苦竹)2017
F 大笛342.0±0.5大 FBao Yanan (鲍亚男) & Ng Teck Seng (黄德成) 7-hole dizi (苦竹)2017
A 大笛278.8±0.1大 ABao Yanan (鲍亚男) & Ng Teck Seng (黄德成) 6-hole dizi (紫竹)2017
B 曲笛174.6±0.1正 BZhou Sijin (周思进) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2017
Piccolo151.0±0.1S.O.S.Armstrong 2042017
F 加键巴乌253.1±0.1森雀牌六键巴乌 (ABS)2017
Tenor Recorder368.0±0.5Yamaha YRT-304BII (in C4), ABS resin2017
大D/G 双管巴乌312.0±0.5云南思语牌 (紫竹)2017
F/B♭ 双管巴乌388.0±0.5流水之音牌 (红木)2017
F 大笛291.7±0.1大 FLu Yang (陆扬) 7-hole dizi (苦竹)2017
A 大笛218.2±0.1大 AGan Jianming (戈建明) 6-hole dizi (红木)2017
B♭ 大笛278.3±0.1大降 BBao Yanan (鲍亚男) & Ng Teck Seng (黄德成) 6-hole dizi (紫竹)2017
E♭ 笛子129.6±0.1降 EZhou Sijin (周思进) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2016
C♯ 曲笛167.3±0.1升 CZhou Sijin (周思进) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2016
D 大笛450.5±0.5倍大 DNg Teck Seng (黄德成) 8-hole dizi (紫竹)2016
G 南箫348.5±0.5Ng Teck Seng (黄德成) 8-hole Cantonese-style nanxiao (毛金竹)2016
D 小笛34.1±0.1小 DHuang Weidong (黄卫东) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2016
C 小笛37.1±0.1小 CHuang Weidong (黄卫东) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2016
D 曲笛163.8±0.1大 DNg Teck Seng (黄德成) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2016
D 曲笛141.7±0.1十孔 DHuang Weidong (黄卫东) 10-hole dizi (苦竹)2016
Soprano Recorder89.1±0.1Yamaha YRS-302BIII (in C5), ABS resin2016
Garklein Recorder23.5±0.1AULOS A501S Garklein (in C6), ABS resin2016
Bass Flute1247.5±0.5MioGUO Grenaditte Tenor Flute2016
G 口笛4.5±0.1Dong Shenghua (董生华)2015
D 口笛5.9±0.1Dong Shenghua (董生华)2015
Standard Fife144.9±0.1A♭ FifeOne-key Band Flute (``D♯'') made for Boosey & Hawkes London2015
G 梆笛99.3±0.1小 GNg Teck Seng (黄德成) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2015
G 大笛315.0±0.5大 GNg Teck Seng (黄德成) 7-hole dizi (苦竹)2015
Piccolo149.4±0.1PiccGUO Grenaditte Piccolo2015
Acoustic Guitar1519±1Melody (?)2012
Sopranino Recorder42.4±0.1Yamaha YRN-302BII (in F5), ABS resin2012
C Fife67.1±0.1Yamaha YRF-21, ABS resin2012
Alto Recorder211.1±0.1Yamaha YRA-28BIII (in F4), ABS resin2012
F 梆笛126.1±0.1小 FNg Teck Seng (黄德成) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2010
C 曲笛191.3±0.1大 CNg Teck Seng (黄德成) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2010
G 洞箫190.3±0.1Ng Teck Seng (黄德成) 8-hole xiao (紫竹)2010
Concert Flute464.5±0.5AzumiAltus-Azumi AZ3000REOB (B-foot)2010
Piccolo170.7±0.1Prelude PC711 by Conn-Selmer2010
A 梆笛79.9±0.1小 ANg Teck Seng (黄德成) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2009
E 笛子136.0±0.1小 ENg Teck Seng (黄德成) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)2009
Pocket Saxophone104.9±0.1Xaphoon Pocket Sax, key of C, ABS resin2008
Alto Saxophone2635±1Hisonic Signature Music Alto Saxophone 2710N2008
Concert Flute454.5±0.5Hisonic Signature Music Low B Flute 2821S2008
Soprano Clarinet666.5±0.5Sop ClaireHisonic Signature Music B♭ Concert Clarinet 2610DF22008
G Ocarina45.2±0.1Mountain Ocarina, key of G, polycarbonate2007
C Ocarina70.9±0.1Mountain Ocarina, key of C, polycarbonate2007
Concert Flute424.5±0.5Hisonic Signature Music Low C Flute 2820S2007
Chromatic Harmonica208.2±0.1Golden Cup Chromatic Harmonica2005
Soprano Saxophone1391.5±0.4北京昌裕乐器有限公司2005
G 管子218.7±0.1中国吴氏管乐2005
G 口笛4.3±0.1Lim Eng Sia (林英城) (?), transparent acrylic2004
Diatonic Harmonica80.2±0.1Hero Harmonica (英雄) 24-hole Diatonic Harmonica M1007, plastic2003
G Kingflute50.4±0.1Bamboo Flute by Kingflute Philippines Inc.2001
Diatonic Harmonica54.5±0.1Hero Harmonica (英雄) 16-hole Diatonic Harmonica M1017, plastic2000
G 梆笛87.0±0.1小 GNg Teck Seng (黄德成) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)1996
D 曲笛162.0±0.1DNg Teck Seng (黄德成) 6-hole dizi (苦竹)1996
Soprano Recorder76.9±0.1Mikatone C-Soprano Model 200 (in C5), ABS resin1994

My sifu has other instruments that I have loaned on a permanent basis; these aren't included in the table above. Among them include:

Since they are my sifu's, their origin is a little more obscured.

In my shopping list, I talked about buying a professional-level concert flute. I have bought it already, but have decided to keep the write-up of my journey to it. Check out what I have found out over here.


One thing that I have neglected to make a record of is the mouthpieces that I am using for my saxophones and clarinet. And so, here it is. Since I don't have an extended collection of them yet, I will just keep it in a list form---if it starts to get a little large, I will then convert it into some kind of table as well.

Instrument Family Checklist

The above instrument list is great to find out how old an instrument is. But it does not quickly show which member of the instrument family is present.

Of all the instruments that I have, I am rather concerned about my dizi, flute, recorder, and saxophone instrument families. This section keeps track of the representatives. The format for all of them are the same: a means that I have at least one representative; a means that no such representative is known to be made; a means I do not have a representative.

Anything that has a marked out is not an indication that I am intending to convert it into a through a purchase. The intention is to have enough representation to broaden the timbral/range palette without falling into the ``collector's trap'' of wanting to have everything.

笛子 Family

The 笛子 is my primary instrument, and thus having good representation is essential. Here is a table of the family members that I have.

笛子 Family
    Key       倍小       小        大       倍大     四倍大    八倍大  十六倍大

We see for the 倍大 class of instruments because these have reached the point where advanced making techniques like bamboo bending and key work are needed, and I have not heard of nor seen any of these instruments made consistently. There may be some novel instruments that are definitely large, but I do not count them for the reason that they are not single musician playable.

The 倍X classes that are not 倍大 are largely theoretical---they are provided here as a reference for ambitus calibration for the other instrument families and have a uniform symbol. The names are inductively generated by me, since I have not seen/heard any systematic scheme for instrument sizes beyond the original 小, 大, and 倍大 classes.

For ambitus/fingering pattern calibration purposes, 小G corresponds to the Piccolo, while the 大G corresponds to the Concert Flute.

Flute Family

The flute is my secondary instrument. Here is a table of the family members that I have.

Flute Family
InstrumentKeyAs ``笛子''        
Treble FluteG大D
Soprano FluteE♭大B♭
Concert FluteC大G
Flûte d'amourB♭大F
Flûte d'amourA大E
Flûte d'amourA♭大E♭
Alto FluteG倍大D
Bass FluteC倍大G
Contra-alto FluteG四倍大D
Contrabass FluteC四倍大G
Subcontrabass FluteG八倍大D
Double Contrabass FluteC八倍大G
Hyperbass FluteC十六倍大G

I will be very happy if I can get a contrabass flute at some point to cap out the family. Flutes that are pitched lower than that are just too cumbersome and have even fewer use cases.

Recorder Family

The recorder is fun, and I have some of them. They are useful for different timbres as compared to the dizi or the concert flute.

Recorder Family
InstrumentKeyAs ``笛子''        
Garklein RecorderC倍小G
Sopranino RecorderF小C
Soprano RecorderC小G
Alto RecorderF大C
Tenor RecorderC大G
Bass RecorderF倍大C
Great Bass RecorderC倍大G
Contrabass RecorderF四倍大C
Sub-great Bass RecorderC四倍大G
Sub-contrabass RecorderF八倍大C

Recorders pitched lower than Bass Recorder are made much more differently than the traditional set up (see the Paetzold Recorders made by Kunath), and have the potential for more extensive techniques. I may look into them at some point in the future, but I think I have enough representation of the recorder family at this point.

Saxophone Family

The saxophone family of instruments is a nice mix of the sweetness of woodwind and the power of brasswind. Here is a list of the representatives of this family that I have.

Saxophone Family
InstrumentKeyAs ``笛子''        
Sopranissimo SaxophoneB♭小F
Sopranino SaxophoneE♭大B♭
Soprano SaxophoneB♭大F
Mezzo-Soprano SaxophoneF倍大C
Alto SaxophoneE♭倍大B♭
C Melody SaxophoneC四倍大G
Tenor SaxophoneB♭四倍大F
Baritone SaxophoneE♭八倍大B♭
Bass SaxophoneB♭八倍大F
Contrabass SaxophoneE♭十六倍大B♭
Subcontrabass SaxophoneB♭十六倍大F

I would like to have a Baritone Saxophone and a Sopranino one at some point. Of the two, the Baritone has a higher priority because it can cover a much lower range than the other instruments I have. The sopranino saxophone is less important because the high range is adequately covered by the dizi, piccolo, and the high recorders too. In addition, the higher the pitch (and thus the frequency), the more ``pure'' the sinusoidal it gets, and thus the relative timbres of instruments are less stratified, further reducing the need to actually have a sopranino saxophone.