2009 was the first year I took part in NaNoWriMo, and I had been doing it every year ever since. I used to keep the winning badges only on my prose blog, but decided to just add them here to avoid duplicate work---clicking on any of them takes one directly to the entry containing the novel as at that time.

Following the winners' badges are a list of my entries for the associated year's NaNoWriMo, in reverse chronological order. Each entry was written as plain text and subsequently assembled into LaTeX files for production into the PDF. Word counts are for the main text body only---it does not count words used in the chapter titles, table of contents, page numbers, and the cover page.

  1. 50 Ways To Die. 2021.

    This is a nightmare that doesn't seem to end. Why does it have to be this intrusive, and this many?

  2. The Lost Year (52195 words). 2020.

    The year is 2020. It began with great hope and a bright future. How did it all spiral downhill so fast? Will we ever have ``a happy ending'' for this year?

  3. I Love You Forever (52046 words). 2019.

    A love story that only resolves at the end of forever. Will you be around to witness it?

  4. In the Belly of The Beast (50745 words). 2018.

    The world is on the verge of chaos as the rise of populism and protectionism sweep across each nation. Amid the rise in entropy lies salvation and delusion. But can one really find a safe path through as the Beast consumes all that dares to challenge its might?

  5. Supervillany (50075 words). 2017.

    Everyone has heard of the military-industrial complex in the United States, but few have realised that this cosmopolitan tropical island-state has brewed its own brand of Super Villany which makes use of much of the same concept as the military-industrial complex. Follow in the footsteps of the selected few who have chosen to work for the supervillain in this modern world.

  6. The Goodbyes (50188 words). 2016.

    What would you do when everyone whom you believed will be there for you starts saying their goodbyes?

  7. Oblivion (50522 words). 2015.

    Nothing is as it seems on this cosmopolitan tropical island-state. Routines seem to dominate, and mundane normalcy is the order of things. Yet there are times where we hear of some strange encounter that isn't quite as easy to put away as some of the more traditional legends and myths that are heard. Lloyd has been trying for years to put these stories together to unearth a hitherto unexplored view point, against advice from his PhD advisor. What ensues is anyone's guess.

  8. Tales of the City (56803 words). 2014.

    Old people are rare. For a school assignment, Lucille wanted to piece together an anecdotal history of the city-state she grew up in from finding all these old people and interviewing them about a life long ago. What started off as a school assignment became a journey of awareness as she slowly learnt why and how the city-state came to be.

  9. disturbed (50051 words). 2013. Due to the subject matter, copy does not exist online.

    synopsis what synopsis i have no idea what you are talking about here can you please leave me alone i think i'm having a headache of some sort what's that smell what's that smell what's that smell

  10. Dirty Old Dog (56263 words). 2012.

    A story of old and new, a contrast of the same role played by two people a generation apart. What can possibly go wrong?

  11. Modern Office Warrior (65502 words). 2011.

    Duo-zhuo was your typical office worker, underpaid, overworked and very very cynical about life. Each day was becoming more and more unbearable, sapping the life out of him. Then, he started to discover a life out of work, and slowly, things start to change for the better.

  12. Towards Cacophony (54206 words). 2010.

    Heng Kar the hacker-in-training and Kah Hao the musician-to-be are back in this loose sequel to ``A Slice of Life with a Twist of Lemon''. This time, they take on college and the associated delicate act of balancing college life, their old lives and even their own love lives as they each realise that life has gotten much more complicated since secondary school.

  13. A Slice of Life with a Twist of Lemon (61907 words). 2009.

    A slice of life view of the lives of two people, Heng Kar the hacker-in-training and Kah Hao the musician-to-be. Add a twist of lemon, and their lives become intertwined and their worldviews will never be the same again.

All NaNoWriMo manuscripts are as they were when completed at the end of November. Revisions to them might get done, but nothing is guaranteed here.